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Study MBBS, BDS AND Masters (in Medicine in more then 53 Disciplines) in

Dalian Medical University

Courses being offered




Intake available: March/September

Salient Features:

  • Dalian Medical University established in 1947.
  • Recognized by World Health Organization (WHO).PMDC, GMC, DMC, MCI
  • The entire course is taught in English and authorized by the Chinese Government to conduct English language MBBS program.
  • The syllabus entirely based on international standards.
  • Students eligible to appear for USMLE, PLAB, PMDC and MCI (Medical Council of India) screening test.
  • DMU is located in the modern and beautiful Chinese city of Dalian. This has been voted as the best and beautiful city China.
  • The MBBS course duration is 6 years. While the duration of the BDS course is 5 years.
  • Low fees and cost of living.
  • International students already studying in large numbers. 


Fee Structure:

Tuition Fee:

30,000 Chinese RMB/Year. A 2000 Chinese RMB/Year guaranteed scholarship is provided to each student. Hence, the net fees is 28,000 Chinese RMB/Year or 4060 US Dollars/Year.


5500 Chinese RMB/Year or 800 US Dollar/Year for Double room. Each room is shared by two people.


Other Charges

Other charges for the first year are 3560 Chinese RMB or 515 US Dollars

These charges include -
Books - 500 Chinese RMB
Medical Checkup - 500 Chinese RMB
Visa/Residence Permit - 860 Chinese RMB
Activity Fee - 200 Chinese RMB
Insurance - 500 Chinese RMB
Bedding - 500 Chinese RMB
Deposit - 500 Chinese RMB

Good News from Dalian Medical University

The minister of Education Ministry of China has agreed to provide the government scholarship to our university from next year to attract more high-quality foreign students, after the negotiation on the national foreign student's administrative meeting on July 23rd. In addition, according to our excellent foreign student's education, the Ministry plans to establish a special education base for foreign students at our university, to set a good example in the whole country. Basing on the good policy, the Dalian government also agrees to provide part scholarship for Master student for this year.

Combined various scholarships from the government and the school, the new scholarship policy are as follows:

1.For Master students enrolled in 2009: The student (who will stay in China for 3 full years) will be provided with no less than 3000RMB scholarship every year. (The student should pay full tuition fee first, the scholarship money will be provided 1-2 month later.) After the graduation, the students will be considered first for the Liaoning government full scholarship for PhD. Program.

2.For Bachelor students enrolled in 2009: The student will be provided 2000 RMB scholarship every year except the internship year. (The student should pay full tuition fee first, the scholarship money will be provided 1-2 month later.) After the graduation, the students will be considered first for the Dalian government scholarship for Master Program, and enjoy the lowest tuition fee in the future study.

We hope more and more excellent medical talents will join our university, to realize your dream!

Dalian Medical University (DMU) was founded in 1947, originally known as Guandong Medical College. In 1949, it joined with Dalian University and the name was changed into the Medical College of Dalian University. In 1950, the organizational system of Dalian University was cancelled and since then Dalian Medial College had become an independent college. In 1969, the college moved to Zunyi, a city of Guizhou Province, to establish the Zunyi Medical College. And in 1978, the college moved back to its original location in Dalian, still with the name of Dalian Medical College. In 1994, approved by the State Education Commission (SEC), DMU adopted its present name. Nowadays, the university has fledged into a multi-disciplinary medical university which also offers programs in other fields like arts, science, management, and law.


DMU occupies an area of 1,139,700 square meters, with the floorage amounting to 382,900 square meters. The total fixed assets is 224 million RMB, and all the teaching and research equipment and facilities are worth about 82.56 million RMB. The university now has 25 management organizations, 14 second-level schools, 4 directly affiliated organizations, 5 affiliated hospitals, 3 of which are indirectly under the university, and 38 clinical teaching bases.

By August 31, 2007, the total enrollment of undergraduates of the university has reached more than 4,400 and over 1,400 are candidates for Ph.D. Degree and M.S. Degree. About 700 are in higher vocational school, as well as nearly 300 are international students.

Currently, there are over 4,400 faculty and staff, doctors and nurses in the university, among whom more than 500 are professors and about 510 are associate professors, including over 500 Ph.D. and M.S. supervisors.

At present, there are 1 national key discipline, 1 provincial key discipline on the first-level, 15 on the second-level, 3 post-doctoral mobile station, 1 first-level discipline doctor program, 12 second-level discipline doctor programs, 5 first-level discipline master program and 50 second-level discipline master programs. Meanwhile, there is 1 ministerial research institution, and 1 ministerial lab, 5 provincial key labs, and 6 key labs for provincial universities. In addition, DMU possesses 12 bachelor-degree programs.

Courses being offered in English:



Post-graduate Program in 30 Disciplines

International Exchange & Cooperation:

With the extensive development of exchange and collaboration programs with other universities and institutions at home and abroad, DMU has established collaborative relationships with 75 universities and 38 research institutions in 27 countries and regions, including The State University of New York (America), Curtin University of Technology (Australia), State Medical University of VolgaDnepr (Ukraine) etc.

Both of the two direct affiliated hospitals have been authorized to be the first-rank hospital. As the biggest comprehensive teaching hospital and emergency center in the south of Liaoning Province, the First Affiliated Hospital has won the honor of ¡°National Top 100¡±. With the development of medical services, in 2003, the Second Affiliated Hospital successfully annexed China Petrochemical Industry Hospital Dalian Branch. Now, these two affiliated hospitals have gone into the leadership in China in the fields of multi-slice spiral CT (MSCT) coronary angiography, catheter ablation treatment for atrial fibrillation, integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine in acute abdominal diseases, etc. Moreover, interventional thrombolysis treatment for cerebrovascular diseases and the transplant operation have also achieved domestic advanced level.


The university occupies an area of 338,800 square meters with built-up area of 269,300 square meters. There are over 4,000 staff, including 213 professors and 405 associate professors. The total number of student is almost 10,000, including 300 graduate students, 4,000 undergraduates, 4000 Adult Education students , and 400 nursing students. It offers training programs in 13 specialties. Four of its departments are to give doctorates and 29 departments to give masters degrees. Organizationally, it has 12 colleges, 4 teaching Departments, 3 divisions, and 33 off-campus-teaching sites for internship, in addition to an afiliated Nursing School and a Vocational High School.

Teaching Hospitals

Dalian Medical University has 4 affiliated hospitals; the total bed number i2610. Each hospital has its own features. The First Teaching Hospital is the biggest comprehensive one and is the Emergency Center in South Liaoning Province. The Second Teaching Hospital was among the first group approved by the International Exchange Centre of the Ministry of Health to be one of International Network Emergency Hospital.


There are 22 research institutes in Dalian Medical University, with good balance between basic and applied research

About Dalian City:


Dalian is the second largest city of Liaoning Province, after Shenyang, the provincial capital. Dalian City is governed by the Mayor and its Dalian Municipal People's Government.

The impression Dalian gives to the world is of a city of lawns, squares, fountains and gardens. This is all thanks to the former mayor of the city, Bo Xilai, who initiated a 'Green Storm' - a widespread environmental campaign which brought numerous green squares, forest parks and seaside scenic spots to the city. Of Dalian, people say it is 'A City Built in Gardens'.

There are two things that have earned the city a great reputation. One is Football and the other is Fashion. Given the name of 'Oriental Brazil', it hosts many Chinese football matches and has the most successful football teams in China. The enthusiastic fans in the football club of the four-star Wanda International Hotel tell everyone how much the Chinese like this game.

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